Herculaneum scrolls: A 20-year journey to read the unreadable

Restoring an ancient library from the ashes of Mount Vesuvius is now closer to a reality.

‘Research Made Possible’ Podcast: $14 Million NSF Grant for UK EduceLab

It’s the signature on a bourbon barrel. It's the ancient footprints in Mammoth Cave. Heritage science is all around us and has deep roots in the Commonwealth. Kentucky’s story begins in prehistoric times, when mammoths roamed the Ohio River Valley at Big Bone Lick.

Introducing EduceLab, UK's Next-Generation Heritage Science Lab

A $14 million NSF grant is enabling the college to construct a world-class cultural heritage lab. Now, thanks to a $14 million infrastructure grant from the National Science Foundation, the University of Kentucky is poised to tell that story in new, groundbreaking ways through the lens of heritage science.

Brent Seales shares historic project with Pike, Floyd and Johnson county students

On Dec. 2-3, Dr. Seales visited Allen Baptist Church and First Baptist Church of Pikeville to share more about his research with about 370 high school students from 10 high schools in Pike, Floyd and Johnson counties. He also met with a group of professional engineers, educators and business people at the Appalachian Wireless Arena on Dec. 2, in an effort to share more about his research and the value of relics, science and technology in preserving history.

University of Kentucky Receives $14 Million NSF Grant to Construct World-Class Cultural Heritage Lab

Using NSF funding, Brent Seales has gathered a team of experts from UK's College of Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences to build EduceLab — UK’s vision for next-generation heritage science. The collaborative facility will focus on developing innovative artificial intelligence solutions for the unique challenges presented by cultural heritage objects.