Educe - To bring out from data; to develop something that is latent but not on its own explicit.

Educe Lab

A scientific lens for rigorous, data-driven exploration of compelling heritage science research questions, engendering new discoveries and fundamental scientific advances.

Using the lens of data to see humanity more clearly…

EduceLab is a highly specialized heritage science laboratory expertly designed to provide data-intensive yet object-centric solutions to the most challenging problems in the study of cultural heritage. Its unique ecosystem of non-destructive instrumentation offers key scientific capabilities that are crucial to addressing the challenging variability of heritage science contexts. These capabilities include:

  • Materials characterization
  • Advanced multimodal imaging (tomography, photography, photogrammetry) with gold standard bench equipment as well as a flexible, configurable prototype environment
  • Cyberinfrastructure and methodologies for capturing, structuring, processing, and mining large-scale data sets
  • Mobile and flexibly-deployed instrumentation for in-situ data acquisition and on-site evaluations

EduceLab comprises four operational clusters – BENCH, MOBILE, FLEX, and CYBER. Each one is based on usage patterns that match the needs of diverse heritage science communities.

This holistic ecosystem is uniquely capable of addressing previously insoluble research questions in heritage science.

Headquartered within the University of Kentucky’s William S. Webb Museum for Anthropology, EduceLab will build cohesion across a diverse group of national and international stakeholders:

Trainees and students

Researchers in heritage science and other areas where data acquisition activities overlap

Practitioners at institutions with active heritage collections and connected research efforts

Community members with vested interests in the ongoing conservation, preservation, study, dissemination, and educational activities around heritage objects and sites