Dr. James Griffioen is the Director of the University of Kentucky Center for Computational Sciences (CCS) which provides advanced, high performance, research computing and data storage services to researchers across the university.  He is Co-PI on an NSF project that is developing a statewide Kentucky Research Computing (KyRC) Cyberteam to advance research computing capabilities and training at Universities across the Commonwealth.  CCS, and the broader KyRC Cyberteam, provide hardware infrastructure support as well as software and systems support for a wide range of research projects including support for emerging big data research requiring data analytics, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and other related data science techniques.

Dr. Griffioen received his Ph.D degree in Computer Science from Purdue University and is a professor in the Computer Science at the University of Kentucky, where he serves as the Director of the Laboratory for Advanced Networking.  He is a Co-PI and part of the leadership team on one of the early NSF Midscale projects which is developing the FABRIC network, a national research infrastructure to enable cutting-edge and exploratory research at-scale in networking, cybersecurity, distributed computing and storage systems, machine learning, and science applications.  He research group also operates the national NSF GENI testbed network which supports thousands of students and researchers worldwide.  His research interests include future internet architectures, programmable and software defined networks, network measurement and monitoring, network policies and economics, and cloud computing.

James Griffioen

Director, Center for Computational Sciences; Professor, Computer Science