Christy Chapman (MSLS) is Research & Partnership Manager for the Seales Research Team (SRT) and Associate Project Manager for EduceLab, an NSF-funded $20 million heritage science laboratory being built at the University of Kentucky. A communications and research leader, she has more than 30 years of experience managing cross-disciplinary teams and developing processes to accomplish strategic goals and objectives. In her current roles, she serves as translational liaison between technologists and their non-technical partners and stakeholders from museums, libraries, the humanities, and the press. She develops, facilitates, and manages projects and relationships with national and international interdisciplinary academic partners and stakeholders, including imaging labs, museums, libraries, universities, and funding agencies. Partners include: the Biblioteca Nazionali di Napoli, Naples, Italy; the Institut de France, Paris, France; the University of Oxford, Oxford, England; the Israel Antiquities Authority, Jerusalem, Israel; The Getty Center, Los Angeles; The Morgan Library & Museum, New York. She also works with institutional legal departments to develop and negotiate agreements regarding materials access, open source data, and intellectual property. A current PhD student, her research involves development of metadata structures that ensure the validity of revelations from born-digital or virtually unwrapped texts, including those rendered using AI methods. 

Christy Chapman

Associate Project Manager